V-Town Records

N-99 is the first label signee and C.E.O. to Straighten Up Entertainment, a branch of V-Town Records. He is also the first V-Town signee to win an award. He has won Most Anticipated Album of 2006, 2007, and 2008 for One of a Million (due to its repeated push backs) along with other awards for songs such as "Good Morning" ft. 520theking and "Ball On These" with 520theking.

He released his debut album, One of a Million, on February 27th, 2011. It had been pushed back since 2006. N-99 released a statement via his Facebook and MySpace pages revealing that "[One of a Million would] be completely free!".

  1. One of a Million

N-99 is currently working on his sophmore album, eNVy, which has no set release date but is looking at a late 2012 release. The album has so far spawned three possible tracks, "Desolation", "My Mirror", and "Ill Minded". 520theking released a statement saying that "[eNVy] will show an entirely new side of N-99. It' going to show the world the N that we at V.T.S.U.E. know, not the one One of a Million showed you."

Although he has spent many years rapping, N-99 has released mostly mixtapes so far. As of now, he has released a total of 7 mixtapes (two with 520theking).

  1. Mixtape 1
  2. Price of Poverty
  3. Destruction of the Mixtape Game
  4. The Prince and The King (with 520)
  5. Straighten Up
  6. Loyalty To No One But Family
  7. The King & The Prince: Royal Blood w/ 520theking

N-99 is currenty working on a solo mixtape, My Kingdom Awaits, as well as an as of now untitled collaborative mixtape with up and coming artist, 2nd Chance. N-99 has released a single from each. "Don't Mind If I Do (Freestyle)" (My Kingdom Awaits) and "Good Evening (Freestyle)" with 2nd Chance ft. 520theking (Untitled mixtape with 2nd Chance).

 N-99 will also be featured on the Vista Vol. 1 album

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