V-Town Records

520theking (pre-Halfway There... known as 520) is the C.E.O. and also an artist on V-Town Records. He won an award for his first single off of FNFinal, "Sunshine".

He has put out eleven albums to date.

  1. The King pt. 1
  2. The King pt. 2
  3. The King pt. 3
  4. 520 vs The King
  5. Never Doubt Me
  6. FNFinal
  7. In The Stone
  8. What's Next?
  9. K-N.I.N.E.
  10. Love Through Music
  11. So Focused

He is also working on his 12th solo debut, Dream Alone, which is slated for a late 2012 release or an early 2013 release. 520theking is also one of the artists which will be featured on the Vista Vol. 1 album which will be a collaborative effort from many of the V.T.S.U.E. artists


  1. The Prince & The King w/ N-99
  2. What's Now (The Introduction to What's Next?)
  3. Finally 15
  4. 5/21/09: 12 Years And 1 Day Later
  5. King of Hearts EP
  6. As of Now
  7. Presidential
  8. Remix Shit
  9. Twofold w/ Josh
  10. V-Town Records Presents: Connected the Mixtape
  11. I Got Now
  12. Every 520's Ex-Girlfriend's Worst Nightmare...?
  13. No Paper
  14. Till Death pt. 1
  15. Thanksgiving Day Parade: Coallated Memories of a Wandering Soul
  16. B.I.T.C.H. (Because I Triumphed Continually Here...)
  17. The Evolution
  18. V-Town Reconnection w/ J. Summit
  19. Revival
  20. Fire in My Eyes
  21. Spotlight
  22. Halfway There...
  23. Light Shades & Dark Dreams
  24. The King & The Prince 2: Royal Blood w/ N-99
  25. Till Death Pt. 3: The Afterlife
  26. The Year of the V
  27. Till Death Part 4
  28. Weirdo
  29. The Year of the V 2

520theking is currently working on his 30th mixtape, Music in 3D, which is set for digital release on June 6th, 2012.

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