V-Town Records

AHC is 520theking's little brother. 

After his debut album, The Awakening, he dropped out of V-Town Records for a short period of time.

AHC returned to V-Town Records and worked on his sophmore album, The Awakening 2: Back In Business, which was released August 8th, 2009.

AHC released his third album, Me & Myself, on January 5th, 2010, without releasing any singles before. The album had great success.

AHC is currently working on his fourth yet-to-be named solo studio album. 520theking recently released a statement saying that "[he] will be producing the entire album."

AHC has also ventured into the film business by starting up his own movie label, V-Town Movies, and has started a webshow called "The Idiot Show".

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